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  • Handicap: 22
  • Quick bio: I was born in NY and moved to Houston in 2016.  Picked up golf with a few buddies about 6 years ago and am now addicted, although don’t have enough time to play.  Hopefully get out there more soon.
  • Favorite local course: Tour 18, don’t know many others yet.  
  • Favorite course on your bucket list: Cypress Point
  • Favorite golfer: Tiger 
  • Personal best score: 86

Daniel Mark Payer

  • Handicap: 15
  • I played my first full round of golf when I was around 30 years old on a trip to Cape Cod.  I think it was at the Ocean Edge Golf Club.  Some friends and I used to rent a house there for a week in the summer.  I played a lot of tennis back then but not much golf.  I did not get serious about golf until a few years later.
  • My favorite local golf course has to be Memorial since I live fairly close to the course.  It is usually in good shape and reasonably priced.
  • My bucket list courses would have to be Pebble Beach on the West Coast or Pinehurst no #2 on the East Coast.
  • Favorite golfer from the old stock would be Fred Couples (U of H) and from the new stock would be Jordan Spieth.
  • Personal best score was 75 at Memorial a few years ago.


  • Handicap: 17
  • Bio: Harshal picked up golf because of his buddy Jeet, who is a huge golf nut. However, Harshal has since claimed the title as the bigger golf nut.  At 5' 10", 160 lbs., Harshal has balls of steel and a heart made of cotton candy. A golf course is Harshal's happy place, don't mess with it!
  • Favorite Local Course: Tour 18
  • Favorite Bucket List Course: Pebble Beach
  • Favorite Golfer: Rickie Fowler
  • Personal Best Score: 81 at Clear Creek Golf Club, January 31, 2016


  • Handicap: 20
  • Quick bio: Started playing golf in Kenya and fell in love with the game.
  • Favorite local course: Memorial Park
  • Favorite course on your bucket list: Pebble Beach
  • Favorite golfer: Tiger Woods
  • Personal best score:  87


  • Handicap: 12
  • Quick bio: I picked up the game of golf very late in my mid-twenties. I was mainly into baseball and basketball growing up. But in 2003 I tore my ACL and couldn't play baseball or basketball for a while. A friend introduced me to the game of golf as I was recovering from surgery and since 2006 I have been obsessed with the game. Golf has taught me some life lessons along the way and I strive to make myself a better player with every round I play. I am happy to have created GBT which has turned into a golf fraternity. 
  • Favorite local course: Cinco Ranch in Katy, Tx
  • Favorite course on your bucket list: St. Andrew's in Scotland 
  • Favorite golfer: Tiger Woods
  • Personal best score: 70 at Southwyck Golf Club


  • Handicap: 20.3
  • Quick bio: Hated golf when I worked at a course in High School, never touched a club until my late 20's.  Taken a couple of 3 and 4 year breaks in my 30's from it and started playing again right before Fathers Day 2017 tourny.
  • Favorite local course:  Haven't play all but Tour 18 and Cypress lakes stand out.
  • Favorite course on your bucket list:  Pebble Beach
  • Favorite golfer:  Who else but .... Tiger
  • Personal best score: 75

Phillip Henry Davis Rucker

  • Handicap: 26
  • Quick bio: Golf has been a great outlet for me over the years. It has given me a chance to meet some great people. I've been playing golf for many years and I plan to be good at it someday!!
  • Favorite local course: Southwyck, because it is 5 minutes from home.
  • Favorite course on your bucket list: Pebble Beach
  • Favorite golfer: Tiger Woods
  • Personal best score: 91


  • Handicap: 40
  • Quick Bio: I started playing with Mickey Patel here and there a few years ago. In 2018 I went on my first GBT to Orlando, Fl. I am now hooked. I plan on practicing as much as I can to bring my handicap down. I cant wait for the next trip. 
  • Favorite local course: Tour 18
  • Favorite course on your bucket list: St. Andrew's 
  • Favorite golfer: Tiger Woods
  • Personal best score: 120 


  • Handicap: 30
  • Quick bio: I own and run a salty snack manufacturing plant of 200+ people. Golf is an amazing stress relief that is challenging and fun.  
  • Favorite local course:  Sugar Creek
  • Favorite course on your bucket list:  Pebble Beach
  • Favorite golfer: Tiger Woods
  • Personal best score:  82


  • Handicap: 17
  • Quick bio: Born in Nairobi, Kenya. Fell in love with the game when I was 15. Taught by a caddie in Nairobi.
  • Favorite local course: Trophy Club Country Club
  • Favorite course on your bucket list: Carnoustie Golf Links, UK 
  • Favorite golfer: TW all the way!
  • Personal best score: 82


  • Handicap: 28
  • Quick bio: Grew up in Nairobi, Kenya. Started golf at 17 and was inspired by Tiger to start playing
  • Favorite local course: Cinco Ranch
  • Favorite course on your bucket list: Pebble Beach
  • Favorite golfer: Tiger
  • Personal best score: 79 


  • Handicap: 18
  • Quick bio: On a family reunion trip to Corpus Christi in 2012, some of my Brother In Law's went to play golf (I tagged along with them to ride the cart and enjoy the ocean views). One of the players couldn't make it and I was unexpectedly pushed into taking his spot and play. Obviously everyone laughed when I swung and missed the ball multiple times during that round, but I hit a couple of good shots that round and was hooked ever since. Now I'm a better player than most people who played that day! 
  • Favorite local course: Cinco Ranch Golf Course
  • Favorite course on your bucket list: Pebble Beach (on a nice day)
  • Favorite golfer: Jordan Speith (Hook'Em)
  • Personal best score: 80 at Sharpstown Golf Course